So you’ve done your research, found a scientist, interviewed him or her and have some great footage which you’re proud of.

How do you put it together into a short and interesting news segment ?

Video editing can seem like a big challenge. Here we’ll give you some tips and tricks that you can use to make your video look as professional and ready for broadcast as possible.

There are also online video editing tools that you can use in your browser. We haven’t used them and some of them require a subscription. If you have any experience with editing in the cloud, let us know in the comments section below!

Remember that the more creative you get with your video editing, the more distracting it can be for your viewer. The best journalism presents the subject clearly without a lot of distracting noise. Fancy visual elements can be very “noisy”, even when they are silent!

Finally, here is a good article to consider about making video available generally through the internet: Video on the Web, An Introduction.

What are your tips and tricks that you can share with your fellow Youth Climate reporters? Let us know below.

Download Youth Climate Report bumpers:

Finish off your video report to perfection by downloading and then adding our Youth Climate Report bumpers.

The “Download Files” page in the “Help” section has a selection of hi and low res bumpers at various sizes. To download, right click and “Save”.