Filmmaker, explorer and journalist Mark Terry shares interview tips … for talking with scientists. 

Would you like to interview one of the worlds’ top climate change scientists or researchers?

Then apply today to be a Youth Climate Report on-air reporter.

  1. At the beginning of your interview, ask the interview subject to state their name and spell it (our editor will need to know the correct spelling).
  2. Ask them to state their title or profession and where they work (e.g. Climatologist, University of Cambridge).
  3. Ask them what new climate discoveries they have made that they feel delegates attending the climate change conference should know.
  4. If you don’t understand what they say, ask them to explain to you – remember, policy-makers aren’t necessarily scientists and they will need explanations too.
  5. Ask them what they believe is the greatest climate change crisis facing the world today.
  6. Ask them if they have an idea how we can correct this problem or protect ourselves from its dangers.
  7. Ask them to provide a message aimed directly at delegates and policy-makers.